Switchgrass Ornamental Grasses

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Switchgrass Ornamental Grasses. Aug 18 2016 - Explore Surfing Hydrangea Nurserys board Switch Grass on Pinterest. Depending on the variety and cultivar some have foliage that changes color in the fall.

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Ornamental grasses have gone from making me roll my eyes during a dinner conversation see my About page to a perennial I am looking for a spot in my yard to plant moreThe particular grass I am writing about is commonly called Switch grass Panicum virgatum. Make a focal point with pampas grass and feather reed grass or grow a border along your garden with miscanthus and switchgrass. Switchgrass a tough ornamental grass that stands up to a variety of harsh conditions adds both texture and color to a garden.

Switchgrass Panicum virgatum is an upright prairie grass that produces feathery delicate flowers from July to SeptemberIt is common in Midwest prairies and is widespread in savannas of the Eastern United States.

Panicum virgatum Cloud Nine SWITCHGRASS Seeds. Create a landscape of non-invasive ground cover and clumping grasses with ornamental grass. It will spread slowly over time and make stunning vertical accents wherever it is planted. In late summer tan elegant flower heads sway 12-15 in.