Glitter Ornaments With Glue

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Glitter Ornaments With Glue. Put some ribbon through the whole tie a bow and knot it in place then tie a knot in the other end. Article by Crystal A Pumpkin A Princess.

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DIY glitter ornaments the best glue for glittering ornament balls. Press the glitter sheet firmly onto the wood craft stick. I experimented with several types of glue and found Elmers Glue to be the far-and-away bestYou should use a sponge brush to paint the glue all over the ornamentI usually stick my finger into the ornament opening and hold it that way.

Use the craft tool to pull up the glitter sheet and place the cut line of glitter onto the ornament.

I just love to make things - mostly from paper or cardboard. Hi Nic Staci uses beacons three in one advance craft glue on the caps and the caps are actually going over the outside of the neck of the ornament so it doesnt mess with the glitter at all. Lay the ornament on the glitter sheet and use the cutting wheel to a cut the first strip of glitter the same size as one side of the triangle. You can also go the extra step of adding vinyl to personalize the ornament.